At Smith College, I have taught a wide range of courses designed to introduce students to the study of Africa’s past and present. Key to each of my courses is an interrogation of the complexities and challenges–theoretical as well as methodological–in writing African histories.

Recent Courses Taught:

“The Historian’s Craft” (introduction to major); “Early African History to 1800” (survey); “Modern Africa since 1800” (survey); “The Making of Colonial West Africa: Race, Power, and Society” (survey); “Debating the African Past” (research seminar); “Global Africa” (colloquium); “Decolonization, Nation, and Political Imagination in Africa” (colloquium); “Discourses of Development” (colloquium); “Femininities, Masculinities, and Sexualities in Africa” (colloquium); “Women in African Colonial Histories” (colloquium)